The Categories of Running shorts for men India

In the last few years, the popularity of physical exercise has led to the manufacture and distribution of sports goods in the market. Running is one among the most popular physical activities today and as testament to the fact, there are several products available in the market that aid running.

A good pair of running shorts will bring about a difference in your run in a positive way. You should be able to move comfortably in your pair of shorts. The minute manufacturing details in a good pair of shorts should make your run convenient without letting you be bothered about uneasiness or discomfort.

The Details of an Ideal Pair of Running Shorts for Men

Whatever be your running goals; short distance jogs or long runs, a perfect pair of running shorts for men will have the following features:

  • The shorts can be made out of synthetic fibres or natural fibres.
  • The fabric should be a quick dry one to absorb sweat quickly and prevent moisture build-up
  • The shorts should be done of stretchy fabric to aid maximum mobility. This kind of material can also help in shape retention
  • The seams in the shorts should be smooth enough to prevent chaffing
  • The shorts should have an elastic waistband for the right fit. The waistband can be accompanied by a draw cord
  • A lining of mesh will aid free flow of air
  • Many pockets can help you keep your belongings
  • If the fabric has antimicrobial properties, it is advantageous, and it will fight bad odour

The Types of Running Shorts for Men

The men’s running shorts have a longer inseam when compared to women’s shorts. The liner on the inside provides more support to the groin. The running shorts for men in India are of different types.

  • Compression Shorts

These shorts fit the body snugly. They are warmer when compared to the other types and provide maximum support to the muscles. They are second to none when it comes to preventing chaffing.

  • V-Notch Shorts

These shorts have an inverted V-shaped cutout on the seams of the outer leg, close to the hem. This cutout adds superior movement. They are loose fitting and of varying lengths.

  • Split Shorts

They are loose fitting shorts and the seams on the leg have a cutout at the base that is formed due to the front panel overlapping the back panel. The inseams are shorter when compared to the other types. This style is best for first-rate motion.

The choice of the shorts or any other workout clothes for men and its length is the runner’s personal decision. Sprinters prefer shorts with short inseams whereas long distance runners prefer shorts with long inseams.


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